My works are different in size, shape and demonstrate a variety of techniques. The choice is determined by my emotion, with everything that I find attractive becoming the favoured subjects of my work.

As well as the female, the natural world that surrounds us is my primary source of inspiration, followed by architecture, fashion and photography. Each detail or decorative shape, colour, light and shadow, is accurate and sophisticated with nothing left to coincidence.

Geometric patterns become flowers, decorative details such as spirals or circles become faces, bodies as well as scenic backgrounds. Every single detail is surrounded by the eternal romance typical of Italian art.

My works show my inner being where chaos and order are at constant odds, with no limits and an infinity of space and time. If the woman is the main character of my art works, the circle is the main shape as a symbol of unending perfection. The principal colours being white, black and purple which are naturally divided into shades.

My favourite techniques are: oil on canvas, acrylics, watercolours, pastels and wax. The supports commonly used are wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, paper and cardboard. I also paint on lace and on different fabrics. Brushes and spatulas are the main tools used. Some of my works are characterised by mosaic, sand, gold and silver leaf to develop different effects. I also create borders and decorative frames with plaster and stucco, different bases as well as recycled materials to produce unique textures.